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ISTQB Certified Tester is the most widespread qualification scheme in the world, and the syllabi contents and glossary have become the de facto industry reference for the software testing profession.


Foundation design requires pre-planning and testing is an integral part of this together with other factors such as ground stability. To support this, ESG undertakes inclinometer monitoring which is often used at the pile preparation phase to observe lateral movements within structures or to ascertain whether remedial works are required. We also put great credence in correct pile head preparation and layout as an important step towards achieving the highest quality test results possible.

It is the continuous development of equipment and techniques combined with solid know-how which forms the philosophy that has shaped our business over the years. This breadth of experience spearheaded by a high level of technical excellence combines to deliver the most complete, leading edge foundation testing service available to the construction industry, today.

For more information about ESG’s foundation testing services, please contact us.

High quality syllabi

  • The ISTQB Glossary provides a common vocabulary for the profession
  • All ISTQB certified testers adhere to the Code of Ethics defined by ISTQB
  • The non-profit nature of ISTQB ensures that content is not constrained
  • The non-profit nature of ISTQB ensures that content is not constrained by particular methodologies

Benefits for Companies

ISTQB certification can provide a competitive advantage for companies, promising a higher level of reliability of the applications being developed due to efficient and cost effective testing practices derived from the ISTQB competencies.

Consulting companies with certified staff can offer higher-level services to customers, increasing revenues and brand value.

Educational institutions and consulting companies may become an ISTQB Accredited Trainer Provider according to processes and rules defined at the international level. Accredited Training Providers are entitled to use relevant logos and are listed in the ISTQB Website.

Course Content

Lecciones Status

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